What is StART?

StART is an arts outeach project of St Andrew’s Church, Holt, aiming to:

  • contribute to the wider mission of St Andrew’s through an annual series of high quality professional classical music concerts held in the church.
  • affirm St Andrew’s care for the whole community by offering these concerts in a welcoming way that excludes no-one by virtue of cost or intimidating formality.
  • support the church’s outreach to Holt Primary School through musical presentations by concert musicians.
  • promote the church building as a welcoming and accessible venue available for musical and other performances and exhibitions.
  • encourage donations sufficient both to pay musicians at least a modest fee and to raise funds for St Andrew’s Church and the StART Fund.
  • develop further arts-based initiatives and outreach if and as the organisers feel appropriate.

What is StART?

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